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How to Choose Your Centerpieces & stay on Budget

As a planner that works with budget conscious brides and has also worked with high-end wedding planners, I've learned that there is a heavy cost in wedding flowers. Regardless of what your budget is, wedding flowers can be one of the highest items in your budget. And one general rule of thumb that I provide every bride I work with is decide on three wedding expenses you want to splurge on and leave an open mind for the rest. Sometimes, many times.. floral lands on the top of that list.

Please note: this is not a post on DIY floral options. This is specific for brides that want to hire a professional florist. That doesn't mean you can't try to save on this wedding expense! Below are some points to consider when shopping for flowers:

  1. Time of the year- flowers don't grow year-long. check out which flowers are in season for your wedding date!

  2. Wedding Season- If your wedding in withing the high wedding season (March - October) you will pay more because the demand is higher.

  3. Flower colors- if you have non-traditional flower colors like terracotta or black, expect to pay more for the process of dying flowers. Yup! That's a thing!

  4. Plan a trip to your local Flower district wholesale Mart! - this is more of a tip than something to consider. If you are one year away from your big day, plan a trip to your local Flower district to see with your own eyes what flowers are available. This is also a great opportunity to ask wholesaler questions regarding type of flowers, seasonality, and colors!

Please let me know if this was helpful and if there are additional types you'd like to see!

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