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Three Dessert Table Ideas for a Latino Wedding

Latino weddings are big, glorious, and full of character! Here's a few ways to incorporate Latino taste to our big day! Whether you're Mexican, Salvadoran, or Puerto Rican, these are great and affordable options for a Latino Dessert Table.

1. Paleta Bar/ Cart

Are you having a summer or spring wedding? Don't forget to invite the Paleta Man!

Paletas are a great dessert option for a summer wedding! This is a great low cost and fun option for your special day!

Prices can range from $1-$2 per paleta/guests. Remember, you don't have to buy exactly the amount your inviting. So it will be a lower costs than a traditional dessert table.

Paleta Bar/Cart Pros & Tips:

  • Low cost option

  • Look for your local paleta man/someone close to the venue to contract for the night

  • Request special flavors specific to you and your hubby's taste!

  • A huge hit for all guests!

2. Conchas & Donuts Table

A quien no le gusta las conchas? Everyone loves to dip the thick loaf with candy coating crust into a nice cup of cafe. And you can even mix it up with a couple dozen donuts from a local shop!

This is a great money saving dessert table idea for any event. Especially for an ultimate family festivity like a wedding!

Concha and Donut Bar Pros & Tips:

  • Check your local panaderia to place your bulk order of conchas the color of your choice! You're not only getting a family favorite, but you'll also be supporting a local family owned business.

  • Look for a local donut shop to purchase your donuts for the day!

Both Panaderias and Donut Shops open VERY early, you can can have them made and picked up on your big day! (just be sure to preorder)

3. Churro Bar

Churros at a wedding can be displayed as a churro table, a cart, or a bar. These are sweet favorites for everyone and you can include shots of Kahlua or cafecito.

There are plenty of Churro Cart vendors that offer a chic look for this display but some other ideas can be to book your local churro street vendor for a bulk order and DIY a display.

Churro Bar Pros & Tips:

  • Low cost

  • DIY option

  • Great for weddings any time of the year

  • Ask a close friend to help set up your cake or hire a day of coordinator to ensure the cake is set up. You can also talk to your catering company to see if they can also do the set up.

Here's a few item suggestions to purchase if you build your own dessert table:

These are a perfect size for displaying mini churros. If you get full size churros that are between 9-12 inch, cut them in have and you can fill the cup with caramelo or whip cream then add the churro stick! the caramelo or whip cream will nicely hold the churro together and avoid the small lightweight cup from tipping over.

Cake stands of different heights add texture and fullness to the table. I recommend ordering two but the amount you display will be based on your guest count. It's safe to assume two pieces per guest but definitely order more if you feel you have lots of sweets lovers to feed.

Trays are affordable options to include churros directly on the tray. These are chic but disposable and very affordable. Don't forget to purchase some dessert tongs for these churros.

Want more tips at your finger tips? Follow us on IG @thenoviabox If you're local to Los Angeles Area, check out our event coordination page @avelasevents.

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