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The growing popularity of fake wedding cakes!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Wedding cake prices can range between $500- $2000 + depending on your guest count. This is one of many wedding purchases that makes up the increasing cost of weddings. But this is changing. More and more couples are finding opportunities to reduce costs and spend only where it counts for them. Something I'll write about in a later post.

In this last year of coordinating budget conscious weddings, I've had a handful of brides opt in for the "fake cake" strategy. What does this mean? This means you purchase a three or four tiered cake where only one (the one you cut for cake cutting photos) is the only real cake. After it's cut, make sure the catering company takes it back to the kitchen (although they won't be serving it).

But how do you feed the full guest count with one tiered cake?

Let's get creative!

Below are ways to fulfill that sweet tooth for guests on your wedding day!

  • Purchase two or three sheet cakes from Costco.

Have it stored in the fridge and have the catering company cut after the cake cutting moment.

  • Book a Dessert Table vendor!

Keep in mind this is not the low cost option but more of an alternative if you prefer a variety of desserts over having one cake! Price for dessert tables are dependent on guest count and can also range between $600- $900 (including rentals).

  • Have a DIY dessert table with store bought desserts or donuts!

In one of my weddings, the bride spent less than one hundred dollars in purchasing cake stands, serving plates, and other dessert display plates from Homegoods. You can also purchase at Marshalls, Ross or Amazon. And she LOVED pastries from Costco so, that's exactly what she arranged. She gave me a budget (after going over realistic pricing) We determined that for a guest count of 200 guests, $1 per guest was enough. I went and purchased $200 worth of Costco desserts and pasties. Everyone LOVED it and actually recognized some desserts as they're fave!

How do I order a fake tiered cake?

  • You can ask your local baker! It's actually very common and most bakers offer fake tier rentals or for purchase. (This tends to be the most expensive option)

  • You can buy your own fake tier cake on Etsy! Check this one out!

  • And if you are a DIY queen, consider buying the foam tiers on Amazon and adding compound to give it that texture. Some even lay over a sheet of fondant to give it the realistic touch.

  • There are plenty of YouTube tutorials videos on making a faux cake!

  • Have your florist or coordinator add some extra florals from centerpieces to your cake.

Having an alternative to a traditional wedding cake will save you hundreds of dollars!

Are you opting for a fake cake? Let me know if the comments!

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