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Key Questions to Ask Wedding Venues Before Booking

Get the Perfect Venue

If you're on the scout to find your perfect venue, don't forget to ask these important questions before you sign the contract! Especially the pandemic/post pandemic related ones. Who new that would be a thing now!

  1. Can I bring in my own alcohol or use the venues beverage service?

  2. What is the contingency plan in case there's rain/snow/heat?

  3. What is your policy for cancellation or postponing due to local mandate/pandemic?

  4. What rentals are included in the fee?

  5. Do you have a preferred vendor list for additional rentals?

  6. Are there any restriction for what items I can or cannot bring?

  7. What are the prices for Friday, Saturday and Sunday event booking?

  8. Do you offer special promotion for off season dates?

  9. Is catering offered in house or can I use an outside caterer?

  10. Are appetizers included for cocktail hour?

  11. Is there a curfew for noise levels?

  12. Are live bands allowed?

  13. Do you offer a speaker system for music streaming?

  14. Where are the best photo opportunities on the property?

  15. Do you have a bridal suite for getting ready? when is it accessible?

  16. How early can vendors arrive for set up?

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